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Classic snacks and Starters

middle eastern nachos 12

Beef & Eggplant Middle Eastern Nachos

These Beef & Eggplant Middle Eastern Nachos have become somewhat of an obsession lately. I made them practically every other day during Ramzan for Iftar mostly because they were so…
chicken tikka nuggets 14

Tikka flavored Chicken Nuggets

Fusion food is RULING this Century and there is NOO WAYY that nuggets are going to stay behind the curve. These Chicken Tikka Nuggets are one of the coolest fusions…
dahi barey 13

Dahi Baray and batch freezing

IF you are brown, I don’t need to explain Meethe Dahi baray to you. But on the off chance you are not, these are lentil fritters in a sweet and…

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