Every good food spread needs a side dish or side DISHES if I may. I for one, go all out when I am throwing parties at my place or just preparing the weekend dinner. A good main course needs a buddy!

A well laid out dinner or party menu has a couple of sides happening. It might be fried food, finger food, dips or some form of protein that compliments that Mains. 

Browse through this category to find fun ideas and awesome recipes for your sides selection. We have evergreen Asian dips like Mint Chutney and unique ones like Asian Bruschetta dip

Or if you like, you can pair your Mains with fried food like Mac n Cheese fry. 

I have also put up healthy recipes for sides to chose from, like the Chicken and Oats kebabs or the Sweet and Sour Vegetable sticks

Go through the recipes and let us know what you like! I am always looking forward to hearing from you guys! 

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