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iftar recipe round up


6 iftar recipes to try in Ramadan 2019 ramzan

Of course I had to Iftar recipes round up for you guys! So, Ramadan is right around the corner and I am sure you all are busy prepping for it already.

Prepping for Ramadan spiritually, practically and food wise as well. All around the world the customs and food for Ramadan are always different and I love trying new things. For us brown folks, samosa, pakoras, fruit chat and dahi bareys are like a must! And living in Saudi Arabia for a while, I know people here eat a dish called Shorba in their iftar as well. So I thought instead of compiling together recipes, that I know you guys will already be making, why not give you different new options to try that you can add to your Iftar table. All these recipes can be prepared in advance (which is why I chose them honestly) and I’ve even added a few healthy recipes to make a complete food spread.

1.Chili Parm Chicken Nuggets.

Ya, like I was going to skip fried food for Iftar! These chicken parmesan nuggets are perfect for Iftar. Mostly, because you can prepare them days in advance and freeze them ahead for using in Ramadan. Plus, they are super kid friendly! Spice up your regular nuggets with some chili and parm and wow your Rozedars. Click here to get the recipe.

home made chili parmesan chicken nuggets recipe

2. Sweet and Sour Veggie Sticks

The best kind of iftar table is one which is balanced. If you are someone who likes to have samosa, pakoras on your menu ( a…I am looking at all brown folks here), you’ll know you need some healthy food on the table to reduce that guilt factor. These veggie skewers are purrrrrfect for just that. Easy to assemble, delicious to eat and nutritious to label, these sweet and sour sticks are going to add a pop of color and health to your table. Click here to read the recipe.

healthy veggie sticks recipe
Sweet and sour Veggie sticks
3. Sweet Mayo Vegetable Sandwiches

Hi, I am a brown person. My family needs 10 to 12 different items in iftari. ugh. Like cooking in Ramadan is our only task. When you have a menu to prepare which is fit for a king, look for easy filling options that will make your iftar spread look vast and beautiful in half the amount of time. These beautiful and easy cold cut sandwiches are prepared within 20 mins, can be made in advance and also, easy on the wallet. You just need some mayo, seasonings, capsicum and cabbage and viola! You have a dish ready. Get the full recipe here


4. Tangy Lentil Oats Bowl

Ok I might not serve this in an Iftar party, but I sure am serving this for my family on a daily basis! This red lentils and oats bowl is like the healthiest thing you can gulp down while your breaking your fast. It fills you up with some healthy proteins and complex carbs plus is super delicious. If you like red lentils, you will love this one. Get to the full recipe here.

Tangy Savory Oatmeal and Lentil iftar recipes


5. Chicken Tikka Open Sandwiches

Don’t do 2 sandwiches together in 1 iftar party ok? But just for inspiration, here is another Sandwich recipe you can try on some other day. You can prepare them early on in the day, and refrigerate. No last minute hassle into getting these made, which is honestly all I need in Ramadan. Click here for the easy peasy recipe.


6. Chicken and Oats Kebabs

Hey, you gotta eat the right kinds of food too ok? I know you are going to make your samosa, spring rolls and dahi bareys. Cz, guess what? I am too! LOL! But you gotta pair it with some healthy side kicks so we don’t all go into a food coma right after and are found lying some where in the house. (this may or may not haver happened to me…). If lentil oats are not your thing, that’s alright. You can try these chicken and oats kebabs. They look and taste very similar to chapli kebabs. You can serve them as it is, or use these to make burgers or sandwiches! Get the recipe here. 


What do you guys like to add to your Iftar tables? Do you have any traditional iftar recipes? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know below!

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It’s so delicious and inspiring me for make iftar food.

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