9 Homemade Holiday Food Gifts Ideas

There’s just something about homemade gifts that says so much about your love. I mean definitely not a sock bunny (F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan knowwww). Here are some awesome food gift ideas that you can use to bring a smile during holiday season!

DIY Food Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

1. Home made ghee aka Clarified butter
By Chai And Churros

3 jars with yellow ghee in it.
Recipe and Picture credits – https://chaiandchurros.com/

Ghee or clarified butter is an essential in South Asian cooking and also used in a lot of cakes and western recipes. My friend Henna from Chai and Churros and I were talking, and she was telling me how expensive homemade ghee generally is in the market, where it actually is wayyyy cheaper to make at home. Of Course it takes a little time and the right technique. But hey, the next time your neighbour whines about “organic clarified butter” prices, you know what you are going to get them!

2. Chocolate peanut butter bars

a partial view of a square baking tray lined with parchment paper. It has a few chocolate peanut butters bars on it and one piece with a bite taken. there is a partial view of a knife that has been used to cut the bars. the background is light blue
Recipe and Picture credits – https://butteroverbae.com/

These bars have been my GO-TO dessert option whenever I am short on time and I have to quickly whip up something to take to a gathering. It uses hardly a handful of ingredients and sets super fast! Lately, I have been packing them up real nice in basic brownie boxes and they’ve turned out to be such a winner! Say you love them (read fnf) with Peanut butter and Chocolate.

3. Pound Cake Loaf by Spoons of Flavor by Batool

Recipe and Picture credits – IG Spoons of Flavor by Batool

All tea-time snacks are my FAVORITE Edible gift category. This Pound cake loaf by Batool screams comfort and would make such an easy and delicious treat to give. Simple brown paper and twine wrapping or transparent plastic wrapping and you are good to go!

4. Anday ka halwa (Egg Halwa)

anday ka halwa cut in bars and wrapped in a box
Recipe and Picture credits – https://butteroverbae.com/

Most Edible gift traditions include recipes that are mostly International. I loved doing something purely South Asian as a gift. It can be an amazing connection to your culture and totally insight some nostalgic memories for your friends if they are South Asian, or introduce them to your flavors if they aren’t. This Anday ka halwa aka Egg Halwa is a super traditional Pakistani recipe made with eggs, milk, ghee and sugar. The end result are these beautiful biscuit-y nutty bars that are hard and soft at the same time. It does take a little time to whip up but it’d be an excellent treat this holiday season.

5. Madeleines by Two Cloves In a Pot

4 madeleines sponge cakes in a bowl with more scattered around them
Recipe and Picture credits – https://twoclovesinapot.com/

If you already know about Madeleine than I don’t need to tell you why they are so awesome as gifts! if you don’t, here’s why

  • They are small sponge cakes, easy to make and easy to store
  • They have a distinct shell shape so they look super pretty if you simply dust them with some powdered sugar.
  • Cute lil delicious shell shaped cakes packed in a jar or a box or a pack, are going to melt your heart right there!

6. Stuffed assorted dates by Dynamic Fatima Khan

dates with fillings
Recipe and Picture credits – IG Fatima Khan

We all know someone who stays super disciplined on holiday seasons too. What do you give such robots? I mean humans. Enter Stuffed dates. Nutritious li’l gems filled up with a little naughty combinations to make them all fancy and worthy of being called “treats”. Ok scratch that, I’d have it regardless! cz look so pretty!

7. Nutella cookies by Hungry Paprikas

nutella cookies stacked and wrapped with a small nutella jar
Recipe and Picture credits – https://www.hungrypaprikas.com/

I have been in love with these Nutella Cookies the moment I laid my eyes on them over at Amina’s. Amina blogs over at Hungry Paprikas and created these 15 mins YES 15 min nutella cookies! And Bonus! I love how cute the wrapping looks with li’l nutella jars! I mean, I’d probably go gaga if someone brings this over at my place. *HINT* (Someone please bring these over)

8. Cheesecake jars by Rabia Ammar Home

cheesecake jars
Recipe and Picture credits – IG Rabia Ammar Home

Your tank tops and jeans can go out of fashion, but dessert in a jar will always stay strong! These easy no-bake cheesecake jars were made by my friend Rabia who did a little DIY to spruce up her simple jars and make them more festive! You can do individual jars or medium sized ones where everyone just grabs a spoon and digs in. Won’t that be awesome!!!

9. NO bake Chocolate Oats Bars

chocolate bars strewn with nuts and oats, sprinkled with some more nuts and peanut butter sauce
Recipe and Picture credits – https://butteroverbae.com/

Of Course if you are preparing treats for a lottttt of people, you’d want something that sets quick, looks pretty and doesn’t make you reach for the oven. Enters, No bake Chocolate oats bars. You can prepare these wayyyyyyy in advance and freeze them. Take them whenever you are ready to give your holiday gifts. I mean, that’s just winning at life. (Disclaimer: You might end up eating them before D day)

That’s it from me folks, these were holiday food gift ideas from me. If you have some cool new edible gift ideas or packing ideas, I’d loveeeee to hear from you! drop it in the comments below or message me on the link below! Happy holidays!

2 handmade gift tags on a blue surface

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