17 winter comfort foods to keep you warm

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Step back Pina Coladas, light salads and ice pops! It’s Winter time and we need food to hug our soulllll and warm us from within! !!! Here are some perfect Pakistani, fusion and seafood options for you to try this winter

Recipes to try in winters

1. Gajar ka halwa – Carrot pudding

Perfect time to utilize some red carrots that come up in winters. A hearty traditional Pakistani/Indian dessert that is going to warm you up. Made with ghee (clarified butter), milk, sugar and grated carrot, it will hit the spot for sure.

gajar ka halwa - carrot pudding

2. Prawn Masala / Prawn karhai

Another great recipe from Pakistan / India is this popular street style prawns/shrimp curry. Known as prawn karahi or prawn masala, this curry is cooked with aromatic spices, tomato based gravy and some beautiful prawns. Eat it with naan or pair with rice, you are going to get hooked either ways.

prawn masala in a black wok, garnished with green chilies and sliced ginger placed on a skyblue backdrop

3. Apple Cinnamon Latte

An Arabian style Latte with 2 classic flavor combinations, apple and cinnamon. Need I say more? Quick and easy, this is an amazing option for people who don’t want to have caffeine.

apple cinnamon latte in a glass topped with cream

4. Crispy and Spicy fried fish

Another Pakistani favorite. This fried fish is crispy, has tons of flavor and pairs so well with daal chawal (lentils and rice). Bonus, you can also air fry or bake it!

Indian spicy fish fry recipe

5. Rose and honey milk cake

This is such a beautiful dessert that you’ll want to make it regardless of the weather. You bake a gorgeous honey cake, poke it with a million holes and drizzle a sweet honey and rose syrup all over it. Top it with some whipped cream, crushed cashews and dried roses. And dig INTO the moist, soft cake with subtle hints of honey and rose.

rose and honey poke cake

6. Boneless Chicken Handi

If you love chicken tikka masala, you are going to enjoy this recipe very much! A similar flavor profile, this curry is made with classic Indian / Pakistani spices and ingredients. Topped off with some cream and dried fenugreek leaves. Serve with naan or rice.

boneless chicken handi in a clay pot

7. Chocolate chip Blonde brownies

You KNOWWW you are baking when it’s blanket, snuggles and warm cocoa season. This is one of my fav things to bake for comfort. Classic cookie meets brownie situation. Experiment and use different kind of chips to make some fun flavors.

2 pieces of blonde chocolate chip brownie with a glass of milk on the side and a half showing tray of chocolate chip brownies with a few scattered chocolate chips all around a blue backdrop

8. Karachi style spicy Biryani

OK to be honest, there isn’t a SEASON for biryani if you are brown. We eat it when we are happy, when we are mourning, when its festivities or when its a regular friday lunch. But its ALSO going to be blasphemous if I don’t mention biryani in a blogpost about COMFORT food. This one’s a karachi style spicy biryani with lots of chicken, gravy and deliciousness!

chicken biryani on a black plate with a side of sliced cucumber and onions

9. Desi whipped coffee

Yes yes, dalgona coffee peaked on tiktok. But there’s this other whipped coffee that you HAVE to try today! Warm milk, whipped coffee, yeah man its a thing!

phitti hui coffee or indian whipped coffee in a mug

10. Malai kofte (creamy chicken meatball curry)

A fusion style dish with a subtle spicy chicken meatball, I am particularly proud of this recipe. A white creamy curry base with meatballs and a delicious Pakistani style garnish to bring the dish to the next level. This is fusion food at its best!

p.s. I had the left over curry with alfredo pasta and I’m happy to report, that combo ROCKS too!

chicken kofta in white gravy covered with julienne cut green chili and ginger

11. Anday ka halwa (egg pudding)

A classic traditional Pakistani / Indian treat made with eggs, milk, ghee (clarified butter) and sugar. A little slow cooked kind of dessert, but sooo goood and so worth it!

12. Dynamite prawns

Another classic recipe would be of this copycat P.F Chang’s Dynamite Shrimps/Prawns. It’s easy to whip up and would pair so well with a soup and some bread!

13. Chicken Hot and Sour Soup

I’m not a soup person. There. I said it. But even I GIVE in when its winters. This hot and sour soup is going to hit allll the spots and circles and triangles! Its spicy, its yum and its street style Pakistani soup, you HAVE to give it a try.

a bowl of red soup with vegetables and green chilies strewen across it

14. Suji ka halwa (semolina pudding)

A traditional semolina sweet from India/Pakistan. Pair it with puri and have yourself a classic desi brunch.

front view of suji ka halwa in a bowl with 2 similar bowls showing in the background

15. Spicy Asian Chicken Soupy Noodles

I mean the name should be enough for you my friend. I’d slurp down a bowl of this in a heartbeat! Bonus – Its one pot noodles!

saucy noodles, chicken and vegetables in a black wok, topped with sesame seeds and green onions

16. Crispy fish burgers

Here’s what you get when you make this recipe. A crispy fish patty, a cool burger sauce and a tartar sauce that you will use regardless. This burger is going to make your winters THAT much better, don’t take my word for it, read more to make up your mind.

crispy fish burgers recipe

17. Street style batata harra

Classic Pakistani street style potatoes. Baked/fried potato cubes topped with more spices, a cool yogurt sauce and veggies. This has been go-to my winter side dish for 3 years now.

pakistani street food style batata harra on a black plate

What are your favorite recipes to make in winters? I would loveeee to try your recommendations!

Did you make this recipe?

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