How to Become A Publisher on Yummly

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How To Become A Publisher on Yummly

Ok, so I have been trying to understand how this works, and after a few trials and errors (and a few articles on Google later), I finally made it happen. Guys, I am soooooo thrilled to announce that Glitter and Gluttony is now a publisher at Yummly! yayy!!!

I am pretty sure you guys already know about Yummly, but if you don’t, lemme fill you in. So Yummly is  this awesome place to search recipes and save them up. You can break down your search in a hundred different ways. For e.g. you can make your searches as simple as according to your diet, or the type of cuisine you want. Or you could be more specific and search according to allergies, time it takes to cook or just pricing. It’s like the ultimate Recipe directory. Like Pinterest but just for food. 

Becoming a Publisher on Yummly


We all know how Pinterest is a very important tool to drive traffic to your website. Surprisingly, Yummly can drive even more traffic to your food blog than Pinterest. I saw traffic increase on my website throughly yummly from day 1. So this can be a very important tool for you to reach new audience and gain more traffic to your website.


So for food bloggers who want to become a publisher, here’s how you can do it.

  • After you have installed your required plugins, head over to Yummly and make an account, if you haven’t already. Once your account is open, you are ready to start YUM-ing your recipes.Your account url would look something like this:
  • After you’ve made your account, go back to your blog and start hitting the yum button on your recipe posts. It will take some time for your recipe to processed by Yummly. And your picture might not even be visible straight away, which is fine. 
  • It will take a few hours to up to 2 weeks from this point for your publisher page to be created. You will know your publisher page has been created when you click on your saved recipes at Yummly and it takes you to your Publisher page rather than the website directly. If you have not been approved as a publisher, your recipe will read “Read more by visiting {your blog name}”.However, if it has been a few days (read 14+days) and your publisher page has still not been created, simply email for assistance. It is really that simple. 
  • After your publisher page is created, be sure to share the news on your blog… Whether it is in a post similar to this one or by simply mentioning it in the next recipe you feature on your website. I went one step further and mentioned it on all of my social media accounts as well. 
  • Your published page would look something like this and the URL would say “page” instead of”profile” to become a publisher at yummly


Trust me! it is THAT easy!


So, like I said, if you happen to see a recipe here that you love, like my personal favourite recipe of Homemade Chili Parmesan Nuggets, then YUM it to save it to your Yummly recipe box.

Happy YUM-ing you guys! And if you have any questions regarding this, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

how to become a publisher at yummly


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1 year ago

Thanks for a great article. Ive just installed the yummly button to my blog :).

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Thanks very helpful

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Thank you so much!
I was looking for this 🙂

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