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Not gonna lie, going through recipe round ups is one my favorite ways to kill time online. “How to eat a Spaghetti 4 ways”, or “6 ways to lick nutella off your jar” i mean c’mon these are guilty pleasures for all of us right?

But more so than that, going through recipes by my fellow Pakistani bloggers is just as much fun for me! 2019 has been absolutely amazing to me in terms of my blog, (not in terms of the greys that I can now see in my hair.)

So I went ahead and put together a list of my favorite recipes from these amazinggg Pakistani bloggers that I came across this year and the ones I KNOW will make a wholesome addition to your dinner menus

Just click on the titles of any recipe that you want to know more about. Here we go!



Bhuna Gosht ( sauteed meat curry) by Cooking with Shazia

bhunna gosht or slow cooked beef in a white bowl
Recipe and picture credits :

This recipe has me drooling since I first saw it on Shazia’s insta stories. It’s a cult favorite desi curry made by slowly cooking the meat in South Asian spices. And you basically chuck everything together in a pot and just let it cook so I am assuming sooper easy too! The color on this dish man! damn!


Instant Pot Salan Masala by Flour & spice blog

Instant pot salan masala in a jar
Recipe and picture credits:

Sarah’s instant pot salan masala is probably the biggest game changer in Desi cooking! For the busy mama on the go or the do-everything-in-advance-r, this recipe is sooper dooper handy. You just prepare the salan masala in advance and add it to any salan you are making. Hey! we all know, half of our cooking is just bhoonofying the masala right? I’d actually love to experiment and use this with rice too, might come up with a tahiri type dish, don’t you think?


Borani Baingan by Pots n curries

close up of borani baingan in a dish
Recipe and picture credits:

Fatima uploaded this recipe for Borani Baingan and I gotta say, my eyes have been glued to it ever since! Fatima says that it’s an “Afghani Eggplant dish – extremely versatile and perfect for summers. The combination of rustic eggplants with tomatoes is like a match made in heaven and garlic- flavored yogurt topping is like a cherry on top” I bet you wanna give this a ride.


Asian style Fish and vegetable Stir fry by Mirchitales

fish and vegetable stir fry in a black bowl on white background with chopsticks on the side
Recipe and picture credits:

I feel like whenever I think about Asian foods, I am almost always reaching for chicken or shrimps. This bowl of wholesome goodness just got me thinking how amazing fish would taste with all those Asian spices. Going through her recipe, I can safely say its classifies for #under30minmeals. For quick and yum meal inspo….Check it!


Biscoff Cheesecake by Chai and churros

A biscoff lotus cookie butter cheesecake on a white cake stand
Recipe and picture credits:

If you guys know me BUT at all, you know my crazyyyy fascination for Lotus cookies and clearly that makes me no special than half of the world. Henna is a cheesecake queen, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this particular cheesecake! It has a rich and crumbly lotus crust and the sweet tangy cream cheese filling, and then SOME more lotus spread on top, ammm yeah, BRB, need a wipe.


Instant pot Channa pulao by Tea for turmeric

2 bowls of instant pot chana pulao on a white background
Recipe and picture credits:

Izzah is probably one of my sweeetest insta finds! Izzah specializes in gluten-free and nutritious recipes coming from the South of Asia, and also modifies indulgent food to reduce their calorie content.

This Instant pot Chana pulao on her blog looks so comforting and inviting that I couldn’t resist putting it up. Because I also know some of you use instant pots, so I figured an instant pot recipe was very much needed. Busy bees and health nuts, take note, this recipe comes together in 20 mins tops and is naturally gluten-free


Aloo ka paratha by The Desi Wonder Woman

aaloo ka paratha in a platter by pakistani blogger
Recipe and picture credits:

So I stumbled upon this recipe/hack on Shezeen’s page while I was actually looking for something else. (who if you guys aren’t living under a rock, know as Desi wonder woman) Aloo ka paratha being the ultimate comfort food, and the hack also being pretty interesting, I thought you guys needed to SEE this!


Paalak Chicken by I knead to eat

bowl of paalak chicken by pakistani food blogger
Recipe and picture credits:

Wajeeha and I share a name, (but different spellings HA-HA), but we do share a pretty similar taste for food! The palak chicken on her page looks gorgeous!! And I went through the recipe and it looks perfect! You gotta see it for yourself and then add it to your weekly rotation.


Nauratan Chicken by me

Nauratan chicken curry in a black dish with yellow rice and chapati on the sides
Recipe and picture credits:

You are wondering, what Kind of narcissist puts up their own recipe in an inspirational recipe round up. Well….. me 😛 I am that narcissist. But jokes apart, this is one of my personal favorites recipes because well I came up with it from scratch, rather than adapting a version of my own (which usually happens with things like Tikka and dals etc). This is a less gravy kinda dish, made with boneless chicken, and sauteed onions, potatoes and bell peppers. It already IS in my weekly rotation because damn! easy! and also yum!


Shahi paneer makhni by Two cloves in a pot

Shahi paneer makhni in a karhayi by pakistani food bloggers
Recipe and picture credits:

I gotta be honest, I don’t experiment much with paneer but I know a lot of you love it. And this Shahi paneer by Sarah just looks soooo perfect. This dish comes from North India and basically consists of cottage cheese cubes cooked in a tomato cream base. I know she has rice and naan both in the picture, but I somehow just find this to go sooooo well with paratha! Read more about it on Sarah’s website.


Mango Kunafa cups by Afsheen Owais

All good things end with desserts! Afsheen is like a baking guru is if may say so mildly. But this year, her recipe that I actually fell in love with, was a no-bake one. It just looks so inviting and sooo fresh. A kinda like a de-constructed Kunafa vibe going on here. I reallyy like the idea and then the execution of it. Check it out in the link above.

So 2019 seems to have made some serious additions…food wise ..(and well population wise :P) It’s always bitter-sweet saying good-bye to a year. But I hope these delicious distractions are gonna make you feel a whole lot better about it. Try them out, and tell me what NEW addition you made in your life in 2019 …you know… food wise 😛

top recipes by pakistani bloggers in 2019 collage

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All the recipes are superb Ma’sha’ALLAH keep the good work

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this blog is so intresting and impressive.

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very good

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I’m not that much of an internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road.

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Thanks for sharing these recipes this one is amazing

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wonder full i like your recipes

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