14 Best Biryani Recipes

best biryani recipes

Do NOT be intimidated by looking at Biryani recipes! IT looks like a LOT of ingredients I agree! But I assure you, it’s just that! A list of ingredients. The method to make biryani is fairly simple and you can make the BEST biryani at home too.

On the off chance that you’ve been living under a rock (like seriously), here’s a little biryani intro. A Biryani is a layered dish of rice and curry (mostly protein based) and has some serious garnish going on! It’s a complete meal on its own and is usually paired with a hearty salad and raita (yogurt sauce). Its eaten worldwide and I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t liked biryani after they’ve had it.

Biryani recipes you don’t want to miss out on.

The original biryani was introduced to the Mughal Kings of the Indian Sub-continent by Arab Merchants who came to trade spices from Persia. The Mughals added their own flair to the Biryani, with their own local ingredients and made it into one of the most popularly eaten foods across the Subcontinent. Since then, biryani has evolved into so many different types; based on regional cultures, communities and pure fusion ideas!

Here’s a couple of great and popular biryani versions for you to try at home.

1. Memon Style Keema Masoor Biryani by Chai & Churros

This Memoni style Biryani is generally a very popular version throughout India and Pakistan. Made with beef or chicken mince (keema) and lentils (masoor), this recipe uses slightly different spices and creates an ultimately delicious feast!

keema masoor memoni biryani
Picture and Recipe credits – https://chaiandchurros.com

2. Lamb Biryani by Fatima Cooks

I have said this before and I will say this again, CHICKEN AND BEEF BIRYANI DO NOT cook the SAME WAY! There! I said it! I am particularly passionate about biryani and if you are too, you KNOWW that, that, is in fact true. This is a beautiful authentic Lamb Biryani recipe by Fatima. Just look at those colors!

lamb biryani
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://fatimacooks.net

3. Boneless Fish Biryani by Mirchi Tales

Seafood biryanis have been my recent love affair! This boneless fish biryani by Kiran screamss spicy! The recipe plays heavily on lemon of course and a combination of spices that makes this dish stand out!

fish biryani
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://www.mirchitales.com

4. Karachi Style Chicken Biryani

Karachiites will tell you there is no other Biryani than Karachi style Biryani. Ofcourse we are technically biased but well we are also right 😛 Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Its aromatic, loaded with some serious masala action and delicious as hell!

a plate with orange red and white spicy rice with 2 pieces of chicken on it and some sliced cucumber and onions on the side on a black plate
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://butteroverbae.com

5. Malabar Vegetable Biryani by Big Sweet Tooth

Meat-lovers will tell you that vegetable biryani doesn’t exist, but I knowwwww most of my vegetarian friends crave a good biryani! This one’s for all you guys! With a great Malabar twist to it! Check out this version over at Big Sweet Tooth’s page.

malabar vegetable biryani
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://www.thebigsweettooth.com

6. Turkey Biryani by Flour and Spice

Let’s face it, I had you at Turkey. This recipe by Sara has me intrigued since the moment I laid eyes on it. If you’ve never cooked with turkey before, or haven’t made South Asian food before, either ways! this is a great bridging recipe to get started!

turkey biryani
Picture and Recipe credits – https://www.flourandspiceblog.com

7. Nalli Biryani by funcooking

So y’all know how the world lovesss good street food right? Nalli Biryani is one of those fusion style street food that became popular from the streets of Karachi, Pakistan. This came into being as a fusion of Nalli Nihari (which is a meat and bones based gravy) and biryani. Nalli means bones with some marrow in it. It went viral on youtube and facebook when someone posted a vlog of them having some at a local eatery in Karachi! Check out my friends at-home version!

nalli biryani
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://funcooking.co.uk

8. Chicken Tikka Biryani

Another classic fusion style biryani is this Chicken Tikka biryani. It combines the flavors of a classic Chicken tikka and a biryani together. I kid you not though, this is spicy! and you would want water and/or yogurt with you when you have this! Try this today and thank me later

chicken tikka biryani
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://butteroverbae.com

9. Leftover curry Biryani by Fatima cooks

If you’ve made curry aka salan, you KNOW that leftovers are a real hassle! I love my friend Fatima’s idea to turn leftover curry into a biryani! Just a little tweak here and there and you have a remixed biryani!

leftover curry biryani
Recipe and Picture Credit – https://fatimacooks.net

10. Prawn biryani by Pakistani Eats

One of the winter season’s favorite is the ultimate prawn biryani! Literally watched my mom and now my MIL kill the prawn biryani game! It’s so different than the regular biryanis and the aromas are real my friend! Try this out this season for your family!

prawn biryani
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://www.pakistaneats.com

11. White biryani by Hinz Cooking

Don’t be fooled by the lack of color, this biryani is PACKED with so much flavor! White biryani is like the underdog that no one thinks is going to be good and then it turns out and surprises you! The only difference for this biryani is a slightly different flavor profile and no food color. I love pairing this with potato kebabs! Bliss!

White chicken biryani
Recipe and Picture Credits – https://hinzcooking.com

12. Quick Karhai Biryani

I knowwww I know! Looking at biryani recipes can be exhausting for a few of you. What can you do! Life’s busy. This ones for all my busy bees who want a GOOD biryani but are on a time budget!

Quick karhayi biryani
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://butteroverbae.com

13. Gujrati Biryani by Huma Kalim

Since Biryani is a unanimously famous dish throughout the South of Asia, there are numerous local flavor variations. This one’s a Gujrati Biryani by Huma! Just the color and fried onions have stole my heart! Head on over to the recipe to check out how it’s made.

gujrati biryani
Picture and Recipe credits – http://www.ghezaeshiriin.com

14. Bohri Biryani by Recipe 52

Another variation of Biryanis are brought on by different communities across the Indo-Pak borders. This one is a Bohri Biryani Recipe made with chicken! I’m always fascinated by how even subtle change of spices and its ratios alter the taste of biryani so much! Head on to Recipe52 to check out the recipe for Bohri Biryani

bohri biryani
Picture and Recipe Credits – https://recipe52.com

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