Chicken Recipes

Of all the meat that we have over the course of our lives, chicken is something we keep coming back to, no matter what. It’s made at least twice in our house in a week.

Chicken is so freakin versatile! It is used in a wide range of recipes, starting from salads to whole blown meals. You can have it in cold cut sandwiches or warm like other proteins. And when I say versatile, I also mean very easy going. It’s one protein that pairs with almost anything. And by anything I mean, veggies, oats, curries, spreads, lean meat goes with literally EVERYTHING!

We Pakistanis (or Indians) love Chicken in our South Asian food. It can be the protein in our Biryanis like the Quick Karhayi Biryani, or used boneless like in the Chicken Malai Boti Pulao. Since Chicken is lean meat, it goes perfectly well to creating some healthy recipes like the Chicken and Veggie Kebabs.

Browse through our categories of recipes that include Chicken to add that protein to your meals. I’m personally a chicken lover and if you find more chicken on this blog than any other meat, don’t be surprised at all!

We will keep adding more recipes to this category as I continue to put up new posts. Stay tuned!

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