Sides are optional, but Main Course..not so much!

I’ve categorized and sorted all the Main Course food options under this heading for you to find easily. You will find some interesting Dinners and Lunch options here. I’ve also sorted food according to meals like Mains, Sides, Appetizers and also according to its protein, like Chicken Dishes, Meat options and Vegetarians options.

Feel like having rice? No problem! Try my Quick Chicken Biryani recipe or this flavored Chicken Malai Pulao Recipe.

But, today you are In the mood for something vegetarian? I have you covered! Check out the spicy Moong Masoor Dahl Recipe. And if you want, pair it with a meat dish like the Dam Ka keema (slow cooked beef)

Go ahead and browse the list of recipes here. If you want to request for a specific recipe, I’d be more than happy to oblige, just drop a comment here!

Happy cooking!

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