Pakistani / Indian food

Pakistani and Indian Food are known to be the spiciest and the most flavorful food ever. Also known as South Asian Cuisines, these dishes and are rich in spices, herbs and condiments.

I am originally from Pakistan. So you will find Recipes on my site are heavily influenced by the flavors of the South Asia. You will find authentic Pakistani and Indian food recipes on my blog. Like our vegetarian favorite, The spicy moong masoor dahl (red and yellow lentils). There is also this amazing recipe for Chicken Malai Pulao. And of course how can we forget the Biryani! There is a whole other list of recipes to chose from!

We also have a selection of South Asian Desserts! Like the famous Gajar ka halwa (carrot halwa).

Roam around the page and find more authentic Pakistani and Indian recipes. And if you have any recipe in mind, feel free to contact me or request any recipe you like!

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